Santa Cruz at Ard Rock 2019

We’re stoked to have Santa Cruz once again as official Ard Rock partner and excited to share some of the cool activities the guys be running at the event.


Synonymous with enduro from the very start, Santa Cruz has always been at the forefront of the sport, pushing forward with the latest bikes, technology and materials to handle ever-rowdier courses. For pros to privateers, Santa Cruz bikes are proven winners – not least here at Ard Rock where none other than Steve Peat himself took the overall win last year on his.


Peaty will be back to defend his crown, joined by team riders Mark Scott, Craig Evans and Sam Dale all gunning for top places. Expect to see plenty of other Ard Rockers riders on Santa Cruz too, pimp looks and the ability to gobble up the gnarliest terrain making them the bike of choice. If you haven’t already had the pleasure of riding a Santa Cruz yourself you can find out what all the fuss is about by taking one out for a demo ride, Ard Rock being the first chance to try out the all new Hightower and the first public showing for the new 2020 colours.




You'll see plenty of Ard Rockers on Santa Cruz - find out why with a demo ride!

We’ve even got your exclusive chance to win a dream build Megatower CC, assembled with a wishlist of parts from Ard Rock partners and due to be raffled on Saturday evening. Don’t forget to buy your ticket to be in with a chance of winning and make sure you’re at the event village for the presentation – if you’re not there to claim your amazing prize it’ll go to someone else. And you don’t want that!


Santa Cruz sister brand Juliana is also supporting our Hope Tech Women ride-out on Friday afternoon, offering lady Ard Rockers a chilled, sociable pedal and chance test out the latest bikes on demo. Please remember to bring photo ID and credit card if you’re looking to borrow a bike and look out for all of the above and more across the weekend.


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